About Kiela

I am one of the people who thinks that the world is too big to stay in one place , that it is nice to travel and explore the world but I think it is incredible to do it while feeling free and reflecting your own style.

When I have a trip planned, I always like to personalize my outfits to enjoy each place to the fullest. However, it was difficult to find shoes with the perfect combination of design and comfort. Many times, I couldn't find shoes in the color, model or size I needed, forcing me to change my outfit.

This passion for travel and the need to find shoes to my liking prompted me to create a brand that essentially seeks to create a customizable product based on each person's tastes and style. Giving them the opportunity to choose the color or texture and at the same time these shoes are comfortable and light to walk through the world reflecting your own style, feeling free, comfortable and that you can do anything.

For Kiela, life is a journey , it is creating emotions, sharing your dreams and passions. That is why we want to accompany you on a walk and make you fall in love with a sustainable world through your own style reflected in our products.

We want you to enjoy with your heart every place you visit because our Kielas are handmade with a lot of love by footwear specialists in Peru, using vegan materials (such as textiles, leatherettes and synthetics) with the purpose of reducing unnecessary waste as much as possible and thus contributing with the environment.