✈︎Ready to personalize your kielas and walk through Peru and the world reflecting your own style?✈︎

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I have bought Kiela shoes and sandals several times, super cute and comfortable, punctual delivery and A1 attention. I totally recommend

Clari Medina

I loved my ballerinas, a super cute design and also good service

Wendy Vargas

I am happy with how comfortable and pretty the shoes turned out. Really, thanks so much.

Carla Puente

I already have my Kielas and I like them a lot, they fit me perfectly!! Thank you so much.

Sibyl Vera

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Trujillo Entrepreneurship: Get to know the personalized shoes that are a sensation.

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Did you know that this whole adventure was born from my passion for traveling?

Yes, it all started with travel, with the desire to travel the world at my own pace and style but above all to feel free.

For Kiela, life is a journey , it is creating emotions, sharing your dreams and passions. That is why we want to accompany you on a walk and make you fall in love with a sustainable world through your own style reflected in our products.

We want you to enjoy with your heart every place you visit because our Kielas are handmade with a lot of love by specialists in Peru, using vegan materials (such as textiles, leatherettes and synthetics) with the purpose of reducing unnecessary waste as much as possible and thus contributing to the environment.