Gif card para engreir a esa persona favorita en fechas especiales

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Delight her with this card and let her choose her favorite Kielas

If you came this far, it is because it is super difficult for you to choose between all the kielas. That's why we have created this gift card to solve your problem.


  1. Choose the value of your gift card.
  2. Add it to your shopping cart and that's it! Continue with the purchasing process.

Once you have purchased your gift card, the person you gift will receive an email with instructions and a unique 16-digit code to redeem for their favorite Kielas on our website.

  • The gift card is valid only for the online store.
  • There is no expiration date.
  • You must use the card balance in full.
  • If your order total is greater than your gift card, you can pay the difference with a credit or debit card.